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Dusseldorf 2500W Vacumm Cleaner CVC-5125

  • Powerful motor: 2500 W
  • Body type: Ergonomic body design
  • Tank capacity: 6-liter dust bin
  • Noise level: 65 dB, Silence System
  • Power Control: Yes, Adjustable power


Powerful motor
2500 W
Body type Ergonomic body design
Tank capacity 6-liter dust bin
Filter type
Hepa filter
Noise level 65 dB
Tank type
Permanent & disposable dust bag
Power Control
Yes, Adjustable power
Reminder system
Yes, Automatic cord reminder
Dust Indicator
Yes, LED dust bag indicator
Tube type
Telescopic, Textile flexible hose
Yes, Separate accessory suitcase


Other features:

Great Suction power, Silence System, HEPA filter, Dust-Full Indicator, Accessory Box, Large Capacity

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